Live Earth Imaging Applications

Industry applications

Aided by predictive analytics, cutting edge algorithms, and a suite of other services, continuous motion imagery from Live Earth satellites will provide intelligence on the greatest threats to peace and prosperity, including hostile nations, extreme weather, and the health of Earth’s ecosystems.

Natural Disaster Relief

Live Earth’s robust change detection algorithms and real-time alerts will be able to alert emergency first responders the moment a rapid onset natural disaster occurs. By providing the fastest possible access to images of any location in the world, Live Earth will put exposure analysis and other forms of geospatial intelligence into the hands of first responders during the minutes and hours when they have the most power to save lives.


Defense and Intelligence

Live Earth offers defense organizations unrivaled timeliness of intelligence and advantages for decisions on medium to large scale threats and events. The Live Earth system is also uniquely positioned to support logistics and mission operations with unprecedented intelligence on the movement of shipments – as well as the movement of hostile forces.


Location Based Services

Location based services are increasingly reliant on satellite imagery to update and improve their maps and offerings. Using real-time alerts and change detection analysis, the Live Earth system will be able to monitor traffic patterns, construction, and other changes that might affect positioning and navigation.


Market Intelligence

By providing real-time information in the context of long-term trends, Live Earth will provide financial analysts with access to real-time information on natural disasters and other events that may have a significant impact on financial markets. ┬áCustomers will also be able to monitor specific assets in transit – such as a shipment of goods as it crosses the Pacific from China.


Asset Monitoring & Maritime Awareness

Live Earth will be the first Earth observation company to provide 24-hour asset monitoring and real-time alerts on a wide range of activities from illegal fishing and mining to oil spills. Live Earth creates an unprecedented ability to monitor events that happen at sea.